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Donation Level 7 Commander $250.00

Donation Level 7 Commander $250.00

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Consider donating to the Phoenix Police Museum.  The museum does not charge admission so that no one is prevented from visiting the museum.  The museum operates through the generosity of its visitors, contributions from over 1,800 Phoenix Police and city Employees, retired Police Employees, individuals, businesses, and organizations.  The Phoenix Police Museum is an IRS approved non profit 501 C 3 organization.  Help us to continue to provide a quality museum experience.  Support the Phoenix Police Museum today!

You can also help us to continue to provide a quality museum experience us as we restore the Phoenix Police Jail elevator.  This elevator will allow us to expand the museum into the fifth floor jail for tours.  This was also the jail Ernest Miranda (Miranda Decision) was jailed in after his confession and arrest.

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